I make papercut art in distinct styles developed over the last ten years. I have a love of pattern and storytelling and I employ both in my work.

I start many papercuts freehand, cutting directly onto a blank sheet of card, following my intuition. Often, I will have a feeling, an experience, or an idea I wish to express. When I get into the flow, the design takes shape as I work; akin to sculpture in many ways. 

When working to commission, I immerse myself in research, including drawings, photographs and observation, before I start. With the leaf series, for example, I could draw on this research to capture essential botanical details in the freehand master cut. 

Once I have cut an original set of patterns I trace or scan or photograph then reprint or even draw on giant sheets of card from projected photographs of my work. This stage is where I process and reprocess my patterns bouncing them back a fourth between the physical and digital realms.

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