My glass work is varied from decorative pieces to playful kiln work


Most work begins with original drawings inspired by nature and I use printing, hand-painting and etching techniques fused into the glass. Working with glass gives my illustration another dimension with the play of light and shade


Gilding glass creates precious and unique pieces. I use the method of Verre Eglomisé (reverse water gilding) to burnish and distress the gold onto the glass. Much of my time is spent teaching which I find enriches and inspires my own creativity


*All gilding is 22carat in warm and white gold leaf

*Gilded work is only scratch resistant





As textile artist I am addicted to my medium of fabric and thread, my sewing machine and my embellisher (needle-felting machine)! I love to use up-cycled fabrics and explore and experiment with free machine embroidery, playing with stitch as form and decoration.

My work is inspired by life and nature especially landscape, the sea, flowers and seedheads.  My techniques vary with the subject matter, I create wall pieces and framed work, small items such embroidered notebooks, bowls and brooches, with some larger 2/3D pieces and collections of conceptual work. I like to allow my process and playing with the fabrics to lead the way.

Do visit my website for more of my work: emmawigginton.co.uk

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Watch my YouTube channel ‘Stitch and Create’ to see how I make it!


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