Busy Bees

We have been super amazingly industrious over the last few weeks setting up a website that I am really beginning to love. We were originally going to hold a lovely little makers market in May with coffee and cake under the sun surrounded by our creations.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention and the six of us have been zooming and emailing and Instagramming our way into a virtual makers exhibition space since lock-down began. I think its really helping us to make sense of our practical, hands-on, creative nature during this time of social isolation.

What we are bringing together is that thing that we all have but often miss. Specific, unique little bits of human productiveness that avoid the generic seen-that, been-there, done-that feeling. We are a slightly unrepeatable, nonexclusive, could-be-creative-collective, making homemade honey from our daydreams and such.

Our little band of six all make things, we all host events and workshops and we are all great tutors in our way. I hope to see this website grow in what it has to offer with more signposting to artists events and creative workshops. I hope we can share through this blog our creative practice and passion with you.

Douglas Black

A little deer lost in the woods.
Fawn Forlorn

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