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Iris ink

I have grown these fabulous irises in the garden and due to the rain, I picked them and brought them indoors. As the flower goes over, it curls up and produces this amazing fluid. It dripped onto my raw oak table and stained it (the mark is still there three week’s later). This lead to some thought while pouring the first coffee of the day down my throat. What else would it stain?

‘Ink’ from the irises

I did some research to see if in the past any one has used iris ‘ink’.Monks did in the medieval era. They say that the stain went to green, but this black coloured iris is a newish hybrid so what will this do? So it’s collected and stored. I’m hoping that I will stir my stumps and do some painting on cloth with it within the second Elizabethan era. As she’s 93 years old, I best get cracking.

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