This collection combines vibrant blues interiors with an exterior of brushed willow ash glaze to give  softer brown tones, with patches of warm pink hues.

All are hand thrown.


1. Eathstone oval vessel. £30

Glossy blue inside and outer to compliment the smooth willow ash glaze. a pink flush in places gives a landscape feel to this piece.

(Height 7.5cm)


2. Earthstone Blue. £25

This cylindrical pot has deliberate runs of the blue glaze on the outer surface. this has given an gentle blending of the glazes producing a slightly raise texture where they join.

Pink hues meld with the brown speckles of the willow glaze.

(Height 6cm)


3. Stoneware teabowl / bowl /cup. £25

A multi purpose vessel with a graduated blue inside glaze, allowed to overlap at the rim with a warm willow ash glaze, brushed on, with speckles of copper and warm pink hues. The texture of the ash can be felt in places making this a very tactile vessel.

(Height 6cm)


4. Stoneware bowl. £25.

A lovely bowl to with graduated and textured blue glaze on the inside.

Perfect accompanimnet to the teabowl (3) or as a stand alone piece.

Textured willow ash gives a biscuity brown finsih with pink hues. 

(Height 5cm)


5. Tall stoneware vessel. £30

This tall stoneware vessel can be used for variety of purposes from drinks, desert, pen pot or  as a decorative piece to be admired. The choice is yours.

A textured blue glaze on the interior belnds with the willow ash glaze, brushed softly over the outer clay body. 

A light mix of tones from  nutty brown through to a soft sunlight pink have evolved from the glaze.

(Height 7.5cm)




(The small bowl, third from left, is available in the Bathroom set collection) 


All work is bisque fired before glazing. It is glaze fired to 1220  degrees centigrade. 

The pots are hand thrown and decorated with  my willow ash glazes which I make in small batches, to produce unique, one off pieces.

The pots are  stamped with my makers mark.


Postage and packaging £5.

Blue willow ash glaze pots (individually priced)