It is a joyful restorative act to embrace your bioregion. Bring down travel distances, know your farmers and your hedgegrowers, rebel against homogeneity and revel in diversity, side step monocultures and devote yourself to a culture of restoration and reconciliation in learning, understanding and supporting your bioregion.

This is an uneditioned lino cut print.

As part of mininmising waste within my business, I have used left over papers from other editions to print onto - so there are a range including Unica, Somerset, Ho- Sho and Kent amongst others. This means the paper size varies slightly between prints - they are approximately A3.

The actual image size is 26cm x 30cm

These prints are carved by hand in my tiny studio, then printed in the quiet hours at my kitchen table. Each print is handpulled and entirely unique. 

Black and white.

p and p £7 per item .

embrace your bioregion