These two stoneware pots  tapper gently towards the rim. 

With a smokey, glassy green finish inside. 

The exteriors have a light sky blue band flowing over and  below the rim, designed to blending with the willow ash glaze.

This textured ash glaze has the retained the thicker qualities of this batch of glaze and as a result iron and copper spots are visable on the surface.



1. Stoneware and Willow Ash. £40

(Height 9cm)


2. Stoneware and willowash. £45

(Height 7.5cm)


Set containing both vessels. £80


Postage and packaging £5.


All work is bisque fired before glazing. It is glaze fired to 1220  degrees centigrade. 

The pots are hand thrown and decorated with  my willow ash glazes which I make in small batches, to produce unique, one off pieces.

The pots are  stamped with my makers mark.

Two Far Horizon Pots (individually priced or as a set)