Individual stoneware bud vases.

Made from a white bodied Earthstone clay and a grogged throwing clay. These bud vases are each hand thrown. Glazed with Gill's own Willow Ash glaze, either left natural or with  minerals added to give individual and unique pieces.


Each batch of glaze is made by Gill and its application is applied by hand, making each item unique.

1. Beach and Sky vase.  £20.

(Height 10cm)
2. White and biscuit glaze vase. £15.  

(Height 7cm) 
3. Green Smokey Vase £15.

(Height  8cm) 


Postage and Packing £5 


All work is bisque fired before glazing. It is glaze fired to 1220  degrees centigrade. 

The pots are hand thrown and decorated with  my willow ash glazes which I make in small batches, to produce unique, one off pieces.

The pots are  stamped with my makers mark.

Three small bud vases (individually priced).

  • Ceramics Exhibition Request

    Our ceramics makers are studying for an MA in Creative Practice at Harrogate College. 

    If you would be willing to loan your artwork back in June 2021 for their final showcase exhibition please let them know in the text box above. In return they will invite you as a guest to the exhibition.

    Thankyou from the Northartcraft team.