Three Willow Ash Glaze Bowls, with blue interior.
Stoneware bowls, fired to 1220 degrees C.
The Willow ash glaze has been poured to give a depth of colours and texture.
Finished on the inside with a blue glaze.
All are hand thrown so unique and individual in appearance.
Bowl 1.  Height 6cm, width12cm
Bowl 2.  Height 5.5cm, width 11.5cm
Bowl 3.  5.5cm, width 11cm. 
Postage and Packaging £10.
All work is bisque fired before glazing. It is glaze fired to 1220  degrees centigrade. 
The pots are hand thrown and decorated with  my willow ash glazes which I make in small batches, to produce unique, one off pieces.
The pots are  stamped with my makers mark.

Set of three bowls

  • Food safe


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