Using two different clay bodies with the same ash glaze, results in different tones. The stoneware body produces warmer tones with the ash whereas the stoneware provides a lighter tone.

Both bodies allow the metal hues from the glaze to come through, producing coppery greens and black iron spots.


1. Hand thrown stoneware pot.  £20

Useful sized container for all serving all types of food stuffs.

Glazed with a textured willow ash with pink neck and interior. 

(Height 8cm)


2. Hand thrown stoneware vase. £30 

Glazed with a textured willow ash glaze.

Pink hues around the neck complement the white glaze inside


Width at the neck 5cm

Width at base 5.5cm


3. Earthstone Bowl.  £30

Using a lighter coloured clay body gives this bowl a paler hue. with flecks of copper in the glaze showing in flecked patches.

(Height 7.5cm)


All work is bisque fired before glazing. It is glaze fired to 1220  degrees centigrade. 

The pots are hand thrown and decorated with  my willow ash glazes which I make in small batches, to produce unique, one off pieces.

The pots are  stamped with my makers mark.


Postage and Packaging £5.

Pink rimmed ash glazed pots (individually priced)